About Kate

Kate has been in the fitness and yoga industry in Westboro for over 10 years. Her certifications over the years have included Personal Training, Group Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness, Resist-A-Ball, Aquafit, Power Yoga, Tune up and more! She is experienced in working with all levels from high end athletes to seniors, and has a passion for working with mothers. Kate likes to teach her clients to make time for their fitness and prioritize self care and health. She encourages people to love their bodies healthy rather than hate their bodies skinny – that means instead of “I’m not good enough, I need to lose 10 lbs.” instead you say “I deserve to take the time to exercise regularly and I deserve to eat a healthy diet so that I can be at my best”. Regardless of your goals (weight loss, increased energy, increased strength, whatever) this philosophy will get you there!

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Kate understands what its like to be busy! She’s a single mom, runs her own business and continues to prioritize her fitness. You’ll frequently catch her attending classes at Pure and Yogatown as well as Crossfit 1855, she loves to have her butt kicked when she’s not kicking someone else’s!

No matter your goals or your schedule, Kate can help you get where you want to be! Contact her ASAP to get started, you deserve to be the healthiest/strongest YOU you can be!

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